Reviews for "Pothead Zombies 2"

This is very well put together and if this were to happen to potheads then we would know that does more than kill brain cells and I would most likely grab any weapon close to me and kill every single one of them, no survivors, no cure and no more pot. Don't care who likes it just don't try to share with me cause I don't like pot at all.

Great game! I like it more than the first pothead zombies game. Personally I like the graphics more and i think it's cool how you have more of a choice of weapons.

Its an interesting little joke, and kind of fun to play as "commando Cats" but some of the weapon mechanics dont make much sense to me: why did they choose this idea of te SMG's taking longer to load then the A. Riffles, I know he wanted a down side the the improved recoil reduction, but the accurasy of the SMG's is more than enough to down play them, secondly why are LMG's so useles, their anti armor guns, but they'r barely more efficient than an assault riffle on armor, plus, sense when are light machine guns anti armor weapons, if they wanted an anti armor weapon then add rocket launchers, or just make the grenade launcher an anti armor weapon, the LMG's should have been a the less accurate but higher ammo version of the Assault rifle.

My last comment, and biggest confusion, why do the cats have specific weapon sets, since they dont have a story, they dont have an actual skill set, and since this make playing as the dude cat a detrament when you cant give the girl cat NPC a larger gun, especially when the girl cat is only comfortable with SMG's and Pistols, some weapons she cant even carry. It wouldnt be bad if they made her an infantry and the dude cat the heavy, but she doesnt want to use an assault rifle. In a game where its preferable to use Assault rifles (because that whole "less recoil" thing doesnt realy pan out) why restrict a character the the much less efficiant SMG's, it also makes no sense when the cat you play as has no opinion on what weapon they are equiped.

As much as I complain these are still technical issues, issues which can and are ignored. I still liked it. But maybe in the third sequal we have some actual skill sets instead of an invisible counter indicating a characters skill with a type of gun. Or at least some symblense of story.

I had couple of problems playing this game.

First of all, I don't really like the music. maybe I'm a one of 140,000 players who didn't like this game, but It's true. The music reminds me of cheap 90' shows.

Secondly, but kinda more important, the graphics are bad to me. I love sketchy textures and pure hand drawings, but seriously, dude, it's not a point n' click adventure. Shooters relies mainly on their gameplay. They should be smooth, maybe more simple. This is a big bump in the road for me.

...There's a lot of shooters out there. I rated "Dude And Zombies" very low, but in many points it's better. My opinion of course.

And I didn't started to talk about the difficulty. It's a problem only if there are no other problems.

Sorry for my bad english.

Great game! Perfectly difficult and I had a lot of fun playing!