Reviews for "Pothead Zombies 2"

Lots people are saying better than first one. I'll rate 5 stars for fun the game orders lol

As I posted my last review right before this one, you'll know I loved the 1st game, but this is better to me by the ammo mechanic, I enjoy how you can interact with the partner A.i and the giant variety of guns and enemies makes this much more engaging. Only thing that could've been changed is maybe an after wave money bonus for surviving, but that's nitpicking for the strategy style.

Only thing I'm wondering, Where is that kitten from the first one?

I thinkk by my user name you can already tell i love this game!

hi love this game ps if you need help getting all the weapons Excellence Medals farm kills on the last boss

leonardozimbres responds:

Hi there!
The more your partner uses a weapon category, the most xp and level is won. Reaching the maximum level for a weapon, a Excellence Medal for that category is won.

Sorry for replying so late!

Furries with guns, my type of game