Reviews for "Pothead Zombies 2"

I really enjoyed this game, kept me entertained for a while. Having badass cats as the main characters was also a huge plus for me lol. Only thing I didn't like was the running out of ammo so f'n quick.

Good but there are a few things I don't like. Personally I dislike the recoil mechanic, maybe its more realistic but I find it very annoying and it makes the game less fun. Having the manual and semi-auto weapons shoot automatically would make it more enjoyable instead of constant clicking. I also dislike having limited ammo, it would have been acceptable if you could buy some but you cant and sometimes the ammo you want just does not drop.

The larger arsenal, enemy variety and just overall quality makes it better than the first one but because of some new mechanics I dislike, they are about the same.

Nonetheless, a nice game!

here, lemme LIGHT THAT for ya!

very enjoyable sequel, the scratches on the first one were buffed out nicely and the new look is nice and digestible without being so detailed, ya get slowdown. The music's good too, sounds like Sunset Riders-era arcade music, though I prolly think that cause of the Round Clear music. BUT YES, I've been playing this for a long time now, figured I'd say thanks and congrats the good work.. so thanks!

i need to see what pothead zombies 3 look's like make it in 2013 and im a fan

Fun enough to waste an hour or two, but nothing special. The premise is a bit confusing, not in the whole "Pothead Zombies" bit, but how apparently there are elephants, horses, and dudes in trash cans getting high, but not a single person has munchies.