Reviews for "Pothead Zombies 2"

Fun game, but I wish you could sell your old weapons.

surely used up my free time to just play this game.

Very great game but in 3rd part(I hope you planned to do it) you should back the weapon upgrades from 1st part and there is some, in my opinion, useless weapon type such as LMG(it almost duplicate the assault rifle in damage) . Shotgun Grenade launcher or sniper rifle more effective against vehicles. It will be more useful to make penetration type as upgrade to increase,when you need it...

Also I wish to see some unusual weapon like poison dart thrower, or cryogun for example, or when you fully upgrade weapon,it gives some unique bonus.....

In total,this game is a very great time-killer:)

great game but next time make a madness zombies

leonardozimbres responds:

Madness Zombies? Like what?

I like this!
It's SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

Ye-ah! Fun game as Slut!