Reviews for "Pothead Zombies 2"

I like this!
It's SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

Ye-ah! Fun game as Slut!

Love this game, i have played and competed the first one and i have to say this is mint. music reminds me of streets of rage and golden axe ( that era), graphics are good to tho i do get a little lag on wave 4 but dont know if anyone else is gettin this. Only thing i miss is up-grading of the weapons (im a rez evil fan). Over all this is a game i will keep playin over and over.

This was a VERY addicting game, I loved it, as it was just shy of perfect.

medals +1 star, weapons +1 star, zombies +1 star and bosses +1 star :)

..when u're stuck, u can't repeat levels to get equip, that sucks!