Reviews for "Pothead Zombies 2"

pretty fun but the wave 7 boss is hard

a pretty fun and nice game, though the difficulty climb might be a little too steep for my taste. maybe you should make a slightly less steep difficulty climb?
also, there was a feeling that i couldn't use the weapons that i wanted to use. i wanted to use the SMG and assault rifle classes, but i was forced to repeatedly return to the shotgun because there were so many vehicles, and i typically died as soon as i ran out of shotgun ammo.
finally, while the damage bars where interesting, it was tough to estimate how much stronger one weapon was when compared to another. some weapons that are, in gact, superior to the one your using looking like they deal almost the exact same amount of damage, and you have to carefully compare the damage output bars to see the couple of millimeters that make up the difference. numbers would be better as they are easy to compare and contrast.
however, i did like the AI that fought along side you. with most AIs in games, you see them focus on enemies based on proximity, ignoring stronger bosses and the like. with this game, though, the AI focuses it's fire on the strongest enemy on the field.
overall, though, a fun game to pass the time with.

I gave this 2.5 stars becaaaauuse, there's a bug where after emptying a magazine and it begins the reload animation and you switch to a different gun, no matter if you switch back to the previous gun and hit the reload key it does the reload animation and then after the first shot you have to reload again, very frustrating. That issue aside I didn't really feel threatened at any point in the game, all of the enemies move to slow, even in the later waves nothing really felt challenging. The gun selection is great. the sound and animations are good, but this was really held back by the issues I stated above.

This game was a mega-challenge. Wow that 13th wave was insanity! I managed to smash it though and I'm working on my last medal right now. I love games with medals; Makes it more fun. You did a good job on this game too. Thanks. That was a blast.

It was good game but..... It lacked a New Game + it sucks that I could not test all weapons in one play. Do the author thinks we gonna play this game over 10 times till we get to try all the weapons?