Reviews for "Pothead Zombies 2"

awesome game, but its waaaay too difficult, i was only on wave 9 and i died at least 64 times WITH all of the most pwerful weapons you could have at that wave. could you tone it down just a wee bit?

great game armours are powerfull, but i noticed something...the smke that came out the horses has the shape of ganja

Very Good game lots of guns but i still want more guns

leonardozimbres responds:

More guns? I do see guns everywhere! If I see any more weapon I will shoot myself!
Hehehe, just kidding, thanks for your input!

this is outstanding! it's kinda like plants v.s zombies but better! there's like a stacks of guns to choose from! good job you guys. this could be the next ipod touch game of all time! you guys should put this to the ipod touch app that would be awsome.

This game was epicly fun and a blast to play. I was all about giving it a 5/5, until I beat the game. I was excited to be able to try ALL the different weapons, but when you beat the game you have to start all over with nothing.... There was no possible way to get all the weapons in one game, besides hacking which I refuse to do. So, in order to experience all the weapons, you have to play through the entire game many times over.... I was severely disappointed when I found out that I would have to sit through the entire game many times just to try all the weapons out. If the game allowed you to keep all the weapons you have purchased when you started a new game, it would have been absolutely perfect and I would have played over and over again. But I don't see the point in playing it more than once if I have to start completely from scratch and all my work was for nothing, except beating the game.