Reviews for "a sudden meeting"

There is nothing sudden about this meeting, the eight minutes of filler made sure of that. I do not see how the middle three fifths of the game contributed to the experience, and they served only to make the title (and overall theme) ironic. I have no issue with games having a message but the game has to support the message, it can't be carried by it.
One star for the art, half a star for the penny farthing.

althought it was just one of the easiest games in the world.
I do have to say you cant really call this a game when a majority of the time you are holding UP+RIGHT to climb the hills that you have made incredibly steep and slow to climb.

The game never gets difficult enough to justify its length. I know its meant to be artsy but it takes way too long to play for way too little payoff.

the back ground was very nice and like most have said, the music was great. the ups and downs of the music went so well with this game. the game play, however was taxing. i almost didn't stick around for the ending. i didn't let go of the up key the whole time. try making some steeper hills or make the landing areas not so flat.

Too long in the middle, i get it he traveled far for the balloon, and meets a girl, blah, too linear...
my opinion... make the bike a bmx with a motor' and add monster and explosions :D like in the ultimate showdown :P