Reviews for "a sudden meeting"

Long boring, no story at all. You can call it a love story but I dont see it. and I did finish the game. I actually died twice lol.

There seems to be some effort put into it. I did like the backgrounds, but those too got repetitive like the riding itself.

Music was ok at first but then annoying. I muted half way, luckily you did make a mute button.

so why didnt you atleast put in some text for the story? I am oke with story games in which the game isnt really the purpose, but the message. This however did not have any story at all..

sorry but to me this seems like a waste of your time.

There is nothing sudden at all about this meeting. The movement is slow, and too repetitive. Several minutes in, and I quit. Holding the up button for 10 minutes straight is not my idea of fun. I did not have the patience to actually get to the meeting, so I have no idea if that was worthwhile.

The art is very well done though, nice job.

Quite boring, not so much control. Just keep pedalling full speed ahead.

Nice music though.

worst game ever

A bit longish and boring, but I still really enjoyed it. (:
Great choice of music.