Reviews for "a sudden meeting"

It had all the potential in the world to be a fantastic game, good story, good music, so on, but poorly executed. SO boring. Bit of a shame.

Well well well... We have quite a thing to reviwe here huh?. well, as a writer myslef (i write poetry) y consider this game the most BASIC form of love, wich is oh, im nice and quite in my own li-WHAT?! OMG I LOST SOMETHING THAT'S VERY IMORTANT! lets go fucking get it! -half an hour later- omg, this girl has my lost object, i think im gona spend the rest of my existence with her, and my afterlife in hell will only be redeemed by searching her soul!. Cmon, anyone can do better than this! plus, that ending, wtf? Not only predited from moment one, but: *blue screen* LOVE COMES SUDDENLY. - What the hell? That's the kind of things that leave you like "wa?". It's more of a comic reliefe than an ending. So seriously story needs a real improvement, and what are you trying to say with that "in this games there are no monsters blablabla" dude, thats goddam hipster... are you impliying that all of us live based on blood and gore? That hurts A LOT the art-loving audience, wich is, in this game's case, your main audience... Music, well... not convincing. I mean, from time to time it got nice, but... dunno, at some of the slow parts (climbing) it got superfast, like so random (the track is not related to the scenario, so thats what makes it so illogical) plus, too many notes. Try using less as in Silverstitch's "colour my life" or other colour my blabla. or try not using music at all! Silence sometimes can be even better tan noise (check limbo). Art, well, as me being a silhouette art lover, gotta say it was quite nice. good feet animation, and nice bg. didnt notice the moving from city to mountains and so, and that's good, it blends a lot, and nice. But plz, take off that snowman... for real, is totally random, And as an end note, difculty 0, so... well, really bad rating... need to improve a lot.

This was really a disappointment for me, as the game initially appeared to have all the workings of a great title. For starters, the music was a great touch, yes, the track needed to be longer, but the quality of music and the tones used fit well with the ambiance of the game itself. The graphics were consistent, if simple, and the entire "world" felt like it was connected as you progressed from one scene to the next. The controls were simple, but worked, which is something many games of this genre don't properly accomplish in that they are normally overly sensitive or too restrictive. This game found a nice balance of sound, graphics, and controls. So what was the problem? Simply stated the game was boring, as in "Holy crap when will this end!?" boring. That said, I *did* play until the end in the hopes that the game would redeem itself with an insightful conclusion or an increasingly engaging level set. Sadly, neither of these things came. The ending was a stock love story, and was precisely what I predicted it would be from the instant I saw the onset of the game. The levels only mildly increased in difficulty and the design changes in the geography did not make up for the massive amounts of repetition in the backgrounds. The "levels" seemed to linger on and on as I continuously held up, faced with neither challenge nor visual stimulation. In playing games like this, I tend to ignore a lack of difficulty due to the fact that many times such games are an artistic statement as much as they are an actual game, the problem with this game is that it was neither a "game" or a "statement" per se. It was just a predictable affair that ran the gamut from the initial interest to a final sense of relief at having finished it. I did find the "quickly" aspect of the final statement to be rather ironic considering that this game is *anything* but quick. In the end there is a clear effort here and a clear talent. Sadly, the game isn't fun and it isn't engaging I seriously doubt I will ever touch it again. So on its merits alone it gets 2.5, but it loses the other 2.5 stars for not being enjoyable. I do look forward to future titles though, there is no lack of talent artistically or programing wise.

Well... it was not THAT bad, but..........come on it's boring, but the music and art is awesome, kinda remember one PSX game i used to play...

Sorry to say, this game didn't satify me in terms of both gameplay and story telling. I wouldn't really care of gameplaying but the story was also very weak and that made me feel bored as i finished game. My one star goes to ambiance and music.

A better way of telling the story is needed (for example story/love related toughts of character could be writen on tope while riding bike) ;)