Reviews for "a sudden meeting"

the game is overall good, but the best thing is the music, it is really an attention grabber! it really got me inspired! a downer is that the end is kinda lame... you could have put more into it... well, congratulations and keep going!

I thought the game was lovely, but the thing that really set it off for me was the background music. i thought it was absolutely beautiful. what is it? it suited the game nicely, and added a feeling of a laborious effort at some points, and it just helped add some emotion into the mildly monotonous gameplay. i think the levels could have been a bit harder, but this was very nice for a relaxing game. i really want to find out where the background music came from, though. i loved it.

Okay. Well, I follow where you were going with this. However, while this game is cute, you need something else to make it more interesting. Add a few obstacles. Maybe a couple of nosy neighbors out to hinder your hunt for your balloon. Something. I enjoyed how you had to keep your little man balanced. :) And the ending was sweet. But a little pizazz wouldn't hurt.

Fantastic music. And a great attempt. But come on. That was a horrible story. They should have rode together. They should have followed each other and continued the story. But no. Love comes suddenly, game ends retardely.

You know, I actually liked it a lot :3 I liked the art, the music, the story and I found the gameplay kind of easy going. Just today I wasn't exactly looking for a challenge, just a pretty game like this one to relax. However, I do think save points would be a good idea. It was a bit frustrating, to start the levels from the very begining. It also would be nice to see things happening in the background from time to time.