Reviews for "a sudden meeting"

The story is down-right adorable, but very long. Your finger starts to hurt after holding the 'Up' button.

The music was fantastic and gave the sense of an epic journey underway. The graphics were fine, but extremely repetitive.

It's decent at best, the story is predictable, the gameplay is okay the game would actually benefit from being a lot shorter, did like the animations and music was nice but i think some sound effects that are missing would make the experience more emersive such as the sound of the bike or something, in the end it's a suprisingly booring game

Really drags on for way to long, if the gameplay was at least more engaging as to just hold the up arrow with the ocasional balance i guess it would make more interesting as it is, it's a pretty dull game with some interesting graphics/artstyle

So simple and sweet with some awesome hardcore piano music!

Nice game with good music and setting, real easy-going with simple controls and no real obstacles makes for a nice laid back game. The only problem is starting all the way back at the beginning if (somehow) you fail.

Very nice, great story