Reviews for "a sudden meeting"

Enjoyed the art. The story was cute! A bit difficult to control on the jumps.

Art 5/5
Story 5/5
Controls 4/5
Total 4.5/5


I'd hardly say love comes suddenly when the game was so ling. Plus the only story I could derive from this was 'Young boy goes rallying on his penny farthing'.

i am sorry to tell you the same bad news like nearly everyone else but - it was not entertaining. it was exhausting.
i love games that involve art and i was not expecting a masterpiece. but the fact that you really don't do ANYTHING else then hold the up-button ... thats dull.
the music was fine. thats why you get at least one star.
please dont be too dissapointed by all the negative reviews. try to improve. i am sure there is some potential that just needs some more practice.

Holding down up constantly is no fun for anyone.