Reviews for "a sudden meeting"

Not that great. In fact, I agree with most of the comments.

The music was good, but the actual game was basically a filler.
It was a rather easy game, needing to only hold the up and right arrow key mostly because going uphill was taxing. A challenge would've been nice, but I'm only suggesting. Do whatever you want.

Anyways, the message was nice and all, but it was just a generic love story meeting, which I believe wasn't "sudden". To be fair, the background was nice, but it got boring after a while.
Having some other thing to look at, or a different background would've been nice.

Overall, this game may have some potential, but seeing how it currently is, it's kind of hard to see/believe it has potential. But hey, keep trying. Learn from this :)

...sorry man but this game was...nothing but filler with a plain and poinetless ending.

@Cryndellion I think he went that far for the balloon is because the balloon is probably from the girl who gave him back the balloon

I like the art, I love the music, but well... I didn't really get this story, I mean, why is that boy going so far for a balloon?
Add some more improvements, like maybe, something more challanging.
And hey, is it just me or I remember seeing a snowman there lol.

Sorry, but i didn't like it. It had some good music in it, but to me, it was pointless.
I see a lot of these "games" that try to be "intelligent", but really, they are just the same boring love "story", where boy travels 100 miles to meet girl.
It could have been a bit better, if you just put something in the background. Funny or serious, it wouldn't matter, at least it would give me a reason to look at the screen while playing it.
2 stars for the music though.