Reviews for "a sudden meeting"

1 star because the music was good. not fun

as a game, this has no gameplay value of pretty much anything... you hold up, hit left and right once in a while, and that's literally it. leaving practically everything to be desired. even the music cuts from 1 to another between screen changes, and it pretty much all of 2 tracks.
as art... it's still something to leave a LOT desired, simply due to length of time. if I want to spend upwards of 10 minutes looking at what may as well be the same 3 pictures, repeated over and over, I'd look at actual pictures. don't get me wrong, the music and art -was- fine, which is why I'm giving at least the 1... but this game would have fared a lot better had you either made it half the length (not even kidding, 10 minutes, holding up, watching the SAME art go by over and over, with no narration, wording, -anything- to break up the monotony) or some way of keeping it interesting. by the end of this game, I was literally telling myself 'if this isn't the last level I think I'm going to quit because I'm pretty sure it's just repeating' the audio track repeating itself defenitely did NOT help with this feeling either.

I think this is more of an art piece than it is a game. If you approach it like a game, you're going to be disappointed. Having an insight to that aspect, I really liked it!

OK, the game. Is this the rial game? Don't think so. The story? Someone who's seeking a woman... and the hard. It's too casual, even if he use a bicycle. But the music is grate. 3.5 just for the music.

Lousy. This brings absolutely nothing to the tabel.