Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 3"

lol good jobe all in all to me the lvl'ing thing got a littel old but damn the same sound dident know u could do so much 4 it like to see mere of this keep up the good jobe

What an awesome concept! I love how most of the colabs generally used the same progression through the work. Great imagination kudos, though, go to all of you.

I wouldn't mind if the animations were longer or better, but whether it's worth it, I don't know.

Noodle responds:

With the way the collab is set up, it really is hard to make it longer than 20 seconds a piece. Unless everyone contributed 2 sounds? I worry that people might get tired of it at that point. We'd be up in the 6 minute mark. My belief is that this works best in a quick format, where the viewers can pick up and learn the order of the 10 sounds very quickly and easily.

Very interesting and fun to watch. Thank you.

"Did u hear that ? did u hear that sound ?

the part with the +50xp was in nearly every animation :)

Noodle responds:

The odd thing is how unintentional that is! Everyone worked independently, and just all happened to get the impression of some sort of level up.
Strange how our brains are all in tune in that way, to so readily recognize and associate certain sounds.

I have to say, some were better than others, but of them all, MasterAardvark was my favorite. Not going to give out any spoilers, but the 2nd sound bit was HILARIOUS.