Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 3"

Awesome work everyone, a great addition to the series and really nice to finally see everyone's interpretations. My favourite would definitely be Molkmans.

I'd complain that you have my location listed as USA, but I know you've had a bitch of a time uploading it so I'LL LET IT SLIDE THIS TIME.

Noodle responds:

Great to have you aboard!

Oh wow! I don't even know how I managed to screw that up! I was just snagging info from people's accounts on Newgrounds. I must have copied and pasted it on your page and forgot to fact check it. I'll update it when I fix some other issues people have found.

Always been a fan of these, can't wait to find the special features.

Noodle responds:

There aren't really "special features". It's really just a tease of things to come.
There aren't really a lot of places to look either.
That's all the hints you get!

"Oh Boy, it´s another one"

Yes sir, being seeing these since the first one, i loved the concept and it´s a great thing to get together, wonderful submission for the value of the concept alone, thank you much for this!!

Noodle responds:

You can thank LazyMuffin for that. I asked to reuse the old song, and we just made up another one! What a guy!
Thanks for being a loyal fan :)

wtf did i just saw ?