Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 3"

I absolutely loved it. This series is always fun, and even the third time around - the idea is still quite fresh. Probably because the only limitation is the animators imagination, and it is fun to see what each seperate author comes up with. I have an idea for the series though - what if you were to start a website and start a competition where artists can submit their animation and then users could vote on their favourites, and a group of the best ones will make it into a new volume - or maybe get showcased before starting a new competition. I'd like to hear what you think of that idea :)

Anyways, keep up the good work guys! These are really fun.

Noodle responds:

It is an interesting idea. My only problem with it is that I wouldn't want to put people through all the effort of making a part to not showcase it in a new volume. The reason these collabs are limited to 10 people is because that used to Newground's limit and I couldn't bare to choose who would and wouldn't get the credit.
Neat idea though :)

I thought it was a clever adaption of the sounds given to the artists.

better overall quality than I expected, and an interesting idea--using generic sound files in flash to make something creative. There were some selected that failed, but I really enjoyed Jeinu's and MasterAadvark's stuff. I'm glad this Flash introduced me to their stuff.

Really interesting concept! I haven't been on Newgrounds for a few months, and it was really refreshing to view content such as this. Great job! My only problem with it is that the roaring/blast sound effect seemed difficult to work with and so the ideas in this flash seemed pretty similar, but I guess that's the challenge!

I felt like I was watching WarioWare Inc. the entire time! Not bad at all.

Noodle responds:

This definately is a challenge. Once an idea starts forming then sometimes I'll plan at the first 5 sounds of so only to come across one that I can't seem to fit no matter what. I've actually had to scrap plans altogether and start from scratch. It's certainly a challenge, but a fun one!

WarioWare, eh? Interesting! I do love the random fast paced nature of those games, so that's a pretty neat comparison.

I feel like I should say who my favorite was. However.. as I watched them, I felt like they were all good.. and yet all kinda sucked.. I was looking for that guy who was just darn right hilarious or bad @$$.. someone who stood out from the crowd.. instead.. it seemed like a crowd of decent flashes.. Wasn't bad.. just no one impressed me above anyone else.. so koodos for all I guess o.O