Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 3"

I've been swept off my feet by how creative this is! I can only ponder how fun this must have been to create. The entire thing reminded me of a game of Charades. I did notice that in the author bios, many of the sound contributions were broken. Those who's had survived are Jeinu, MasterAardvark, RWA, and Tarienn. Also, you forgot to add Jeinu to the credits on the side.

I happily laughed during this movie and I'll happily laugh some more. Thank you for providing this wonderful piece and for such an innovating idea! I eagerly await the coming of March.

Noodle responds:

Not sure why the sound contibuted section broke. I just discovered that myself. I tried to bug test it all myself, but I guess I missed that. I'll fix it asap! [EDIT: Fixed now, thanks!]

And as far as being credited fully in the column beside the movie, the way NGs is set up, an invite to be credited is sent out, and they have to accept it. When Jeinu is online next I'm sure he'll accept and be properly credited.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. And I'm glad someone found that little teaser so quickly! I'll be seeing you in March ;)

Awesome work everyone, a great addition to the series and really nice to finally see everyone's interpretations. My favourite would definitely be Molkmans.

I'd complain that you have my location listed as USA, but I know you've had a bitch of a time uploading it so I'LL LET IT SLIDE THIS TIME.

Noodle responds:

Great to have you aboard!

Oh wow! I don't even know how I managed to screw that up! I was just snagging info from people's accounts on Newgrounds. I must have copied and pasted it on your page and forgot to fact check it. I'll update it when I fix some other issues people have found.

Loved this. Great work, all of you.

i first thought it was going to have voices and i was confused by how the videos could be very different and thought it would be dumb. but no, both the idea and execution were amazing, and the amount of variety was surprising,in a very good way. I like to make my comments be legitimate reviews, like i'm supposed to, but there isnt much else to say. this was pretty freakin' awesome.

Noodle responds:

When digging up sound effects for the collab, I made it a rule that no "words" could be used. It is far too limiting, and really does take away from the point of the project.
Thanks, glad you liked it so much!

I like this concept, you cant get really creative and its fun seeing how each animator interperted the sounds