Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 3"

This is one of the most fresh collab of newgrounds, I mean everyone has interpreted the part with their own style, and no part look like the other. It's a fantastic work and it's always great to see a great concept like this continuying years after years.

Great work everyone, my favorite part was probavly the one made by Tarienn.

i think i find a bug:
in the author bios page all the link for the newgrounds page of the artist brings to the Goat-Man page instead of the right one.

anyway this was a fantastic collab.

Noodle responds:

That's odd, I thought for sure I had that working. I'll be sure to update it right away, thanks for the report!

man...I was kind of hoping for Egoraptor.
But anywho, they were all very creative. ^_^

I loved them all... but my faves were Jeinu's, MasterAardvark's, and Tarienn's. Jeinu's worked particularly well at fitting it to a story (of sorts). Such an awesome interesting idea!!

i am being hypnotized by the song from the beginning