Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 3"

I think this might be the coolest premise for a collab that I've ever heard of. It's really well done too.

Noodle responds:

Glad to hear you liked it so much! If you're looking for more, then keep in mind this is the 3rd volume. There are still more installments of the same concept with different artists and different sounds!

interesting that almost every author made the last sound some sort of level up or experience gay lol, guess great minds think alike

Noodle responds:

And fools seldom differ ;)

It seems to be a common theme through these collabs that at least 1 sound receives a similar interpretation across multiple parts. I just find that even more interesting that everyone's mind goes to the same place!

awesome :D

A very good flash very creative consept with very creative artists,but when it come to think about 4th one of the series i say you should use better sounds than this one.My point is we saw 3 times what can animators do with limited sounds its nice but they are not just limited they are also classic sounds.If we will see another part i prefer a strange sound set when some of them will make artists say:''I can do thousands nice thing with this sound.'' some others should put them in real trouble like ''wtf am I gonna do with this'' that would be a better way to show artists how creative they are.Somehow I managed to make this subject kinda boring but I hope I made my point

Noodle responds:

I completely see where you're coming from. When planning out a story to coincide with the sound effects it really can be difficult to match every single sound. Some of them are a little more simple than others, but I personally have spent hours pulling out my hair over just 1 sound or 2 in every one of these collabs. I feel like if every single sound effect was something that difficult it might discourage people from participating.

Really love the idea for this, it's so unique!
I know a way to destroy your ears, put on headphones, go to Calicard's bio and click on his "sound contributed" over and over. I guess it's good for emo's!
Can't wait for March 24th!