Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 3"

Great collab you guys. Animations all had very unique styles and creative interpretations of the sound effects.

I love this type of collabs, challanges makes flashes better :D

i first thought it was going to have voices and i was confused by how the videos could be very different and thought it would be dumb. but no, both the idea and execution were amazing, and the amount of variety was surprising,in a very good way. I like to make my comments be legitimate reviews, like i'm supposed to, but there isnt much else to say. this was pretty freakin' awesome.

Noodle responds:

When digging up sound effects for the collab, I made it a rule that no "words" could be used. It is far too limiting, and really does take away from the point of the project.
Thanks, glad you liked it so much!

Rewatched it after almost an entire year! Still as good as ever.
Whatever happened to DYHT? Vol. 4, though?
I thought it was delayed, not forever not being released.

Noodle responds:

Glad it still holds up :)

A delay was the plan, but it turned into just 1 hiccup after another!! It really hasn't gone anywhere near as smoothly as I had hoped it might. I'll be done school in the middle of May, and I hope that I can drag it back from the depths.
I've always intended to release what is done. It's just a shame that it will not be 100% complete. It's always saddened me, because it feel like I'm letting a series that is very close to me die off :(
I have my fingers crossed that I will still be able to release something worth showing!


OH!! I get it they used the same sound recording for each of the little sketches.
The video was cool.