Reviews for "Crumpled"

Very glitchy. Control freezes, screen dims, and blob freezes. Using Chrome with latest flash plugin. I want to play more because this looks like a fun game.

Game looked great, until it glitched out on me on the first level. Would not let me click finish, and when I purposley killed myself to try again, it wouldn't even let me hit start. A shame.

this is a good game and its really chalinging and fun oh and theres a a secret but i cant tell u

great game! it ran a little slow on my computer, but beyond that i loved the game, the multitasking was really fun and tricky(controlling two characters at once, time freeze and shape shifting). the sound was good, but the music was superb! i really enjoyed the idea, and the blob is now one of my favorite characters on newgrounds. really good job

fun and addictive game animations is ok but can use some work but you got a good idea i look foward to future games