Reviews for "Crumpled"

It's a great game.
I don't really like the music, but it works well for the game.

Fantastic style, creative and challenging, good graphics, and just fun to play. This is the kind of game people should strive to make... because games should be fun.
There is no doubt that this title delivers.

The only complaint I have is that I've got a mousepad, but that's my computers' fault... and I'd say this game is flawless.

Great game for the most part and amazing graphics but I cannot finish or restart(am i missing something?). I really wanted to keep playing too that little stick dude was BA.

Game not showing up for me, it's a shame since this looks really fun. :D

little glitchy, excellent idea.

Seems an interesting game but I didn't have the courage to continue with my azerty keyboard and no way to change it (even with alt + shift) ...