Reviews for "Crumpled"

I tried this game over and over and OVER again. I got to the level select but it NEVER let me play. I played here, and even on onemorelevel.com but it still glitched out. Better luck next time making a game that actually works.

pretty glichy i was stoping time while jumping and then i created a rectangle box and gliched

Hey man, it's a really cool game. I appreciate the style a lot, and I really like the unconventional combination of mechanics, that work well together.

What I'm not a 100% on is the feel of it. Moving your character through the world doesn't flow, it feels like I do an action and then wait for it to happen and do the next. Call me close-minded, but when I don't get the feeling that the agility of my character is bound only by my own reflexes, I get the feeling somethings wrong. I think I could spend hours with this game if the little dude would react smoother, especially in jump and climb situations. Same goes for the blob transform. I noticed the function is allright, it just FEELS I have to wait for the transform animations.

Another thing I think the game could improve on is deciding what it wants to be. I'm not sure if I'm standing there to solve puzzles or beat obstacles any given moment of it, I think a combination of both, but the transition between these elements is not as invisible as it could be.

That's just to be constructive. You can still be very fucking proud on an awesome piece of work here.

I actually like the game better if you didn't have to control the blob.
The run and jump platform is good enough for me especially with its fluidity and parkour animations.

Great game, would have gave it a five probably but it kept cutting to a black screen and i could never get past level 6 before it does.