Reviews for "Crumpled"

Best gave ever with blob :D

Well, this is a great game!

Just one thing: yesterday, I went through the 16 first levels, and today when I came back, my progress had been lost. No save system? This is frustrating.

I also found a bug. Trying to speed-run 1st level, I hit "retry" while I was at the Finish door, and coming back to that door, it didn't want to work anymore.

Anyway, I like the Blob mechanics, I like how the character runs, climbs, and slides, and I like the very challenging speed runs. Plus, graphics are simple yet fun, and the music fits perfectly!

I really perfer games that have a choice between AWSD movements and arrow key movements, but still good.

I love this game it's awesome :D and i don't have any problems with the controls :D

Love the game, the platforming is well done. Not a fan of the blob mechanic tough.