Reviews for "Crumpled"

Very new and amazingly made, never before seen, may you please help me code?

Such an amazing and innovative game. I haven't played anything quite like it before!
There are a few technically issues i ran into, but nothing major or game breaking.

Please, please, pleeeeeaassse put an option to use the arrow keys. As a left handed player, using the WASD keys makes it a lot less enjoyable. Still, I love the original concept!

Ssss-sweet! Another innovative jewel on Newgrounds.

Graphics are simple but do what they must. ASDW keys control the character; it's just a stick, but the animation is excelent. Mouse controls the blob, which is pretty good-looking and has a nice animation.

Gameplay felt awkward at first, but now... heh! Now I'm addicted! It gives you some adrenaline. Plus, combos are cool and levels are very well designed. But it's a little frustrating that you can't do a simple "climbing low ledges" - you have to jump onto them, which doesn't work if you're too close. Also, it could use an animation for climbing without dropping to a hanging position.

If you're thinking about a sequel, I suggest adding preset forms in the levels (like the FINISH "sign" - rollover and click to take that form); maybe teleportation doors between two points in a level.

Anyaway, think of 30 levels with combos to do, stars to collect and imaginative situations, and it's a great game to have fun. Looking for forward for an improved version!

Last thing: in training for combo#2 of level 19, the stick starts in the training start for combo#1, far from the START blob... forgot something?

Really innovative. (:
Nice, simple graphic.
Enjoyable gameplay.