Reviews for "Crumpled"

It lost my interest. I think it would help if there was a different way to drop down from cliffs, because you cant just jump off, it makes you look down, and when you do jump, the game screws up and kills you. Its ok, but kinda boring.

Truly and innovative and original game. It has been a long time since i saw something that made me want to play through the whole game without doing it just purely out of spite. Bravo to you.Make many more with this wonderful sense of creativity and you will go far.

overall a great game and a great concept, graphics were nice but i had some minor problems with the controls, the spin wheel would move my entire page and not jsut the game, and having c for the alternative button was weird, why not e or r which just feel more comfortable to use, but other than that fun game

It's good. It'd be better if you just had to click for the blob to change, and not to keep the button pressed.

The game gets stale after a while and there is a game ending glitch in level 20 where, once you fall into that pit with the little green circle sitting there, you cannot get out. What you should do is add a suicide button or something for people who fall in there so they don't have to reset the entire game just to retry that one level. Better yet, add a ledge that you can jump on to get out of there!

The game controls pretty slowly and it's annoying having to move that blob around while you're trying to do wall jumps and shit. It's a good concept and I like the paper graphics but I feel like you could have added a little more to it.