Reviews for "Crumpled"

Nice challenges. A good amount of lateral thinking involved, even in the earlier levels.

gameplay is pretty solid, albeit the pacing is pretty slow.
animation quality is ok (i say this because it's just a game with stickmen and it's not that hard to animate stickmen), and the blob looks pretty nice when it's all together as well. however, the environments are very boring. in games, i usually like to have things look a bit different throughout the game.
the music got REALLY repetitive, really quick. next time try and break it up with some different songs, at least 5 or so, for a puzzle game of this length.
levels REALLY need checkpoints. seriously, it's frustrating to die in those insta death spikes near the end of a level and have to completely restart.
i found a problem in level 20 where i could get myself stuck, i could press down on the button to let me into a room with a green color, but no matter how much i tried i couldnt wall jump out. other than that, no glitches really.
the controls were awkward at times.
anyway, overall, pretty good premise, set back by the music and the art style, and the lack of checkpoints.

Very interesting...i like the animation, and the whole concept is very cool. Cant wait for more from you!

I think that we all want this blob in real life...

Interesting and new concept. The blob physics are very enjoyable. The human's movements are a little clunky to work with, but I can see that you sacrificed control in exchange for more realistic parkour-style movements (which I see as a plus).

There are some gameplay issues I dislike. It's unnecessarily difficult to press buttons using the blob. The blob splitting apart into multiple bubbles was also annoying: I expected it to be some kind of gameplay mechanic.

My main gripe is that this game doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. Why is this guy skilled at parkour, has the ability to stop time, and controls a levitating blob? More importantly, how does it tie in to the sketchy paper theme going on? If this game was meant to feel like a whimsical doodle, the animations should have been made a little sharper and blockier, rather than having everything flow smoothly. Conversely, if the characters and animations were meant to set the tone, maybe a different art theme would have fit better.