Reviews for "Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2"

This is one CLASSY sim dating game, and it's gotten me inspired to revisit my own idea from years ago. Being the cheeky person I am I played for Angel. :)

Only small issue is that I found I couldn't save the game when the prompt on day 28/29 comes up.

Cero is so cute x3 I didn't eat him nor was I tempted to, I wuv this game and how cute and funny the options and characters are.


Gage was awesome, Riley was hot, and Cero was adorable. The art, while not mindblowingly awesome, was clean, popping, and cheery. The character designs were unique, original, and fun. Although, my mind can't help but go to the gutter when Gage enters the date wearing a jacket, and kisses me with bare shoulders at the end.

I thought Gage had a very real personality; usually in sim dates, you just have to be nice and treat the boy with respect. With Gage, he could respond well to something rude, as well as to something sweet, because, like real people, he has his own individual triggers, likes, and dislikes. Still, I found it quiet hard the first time to decide between him and Cero. "That's cannibalism!" And really, how can you NOT love a boy who was once a MUSHROOM? I ask you.

In the end, I chose Gage (planning to date Cero next replay, of course). I ran out of dialogue for him, but I still ended up with a pretty boring ending; that is, Gage gives me an item of eternal friendship or whatever. I replayed it TWICE (starting from day four the second time, because that was when I had saved it, and I had accidentally chosen to load the old game). Still, each time I received the same ending for Gage. I'm a bit demoralized now, so I probably won't be playing this game again for a while. I don't even want to try for Cero.

I'm curious; how much experience did I need to get the better ending with him? Or was there something specific I had to do in order to end with him? I think I would've given this game the full five stars, if I weren't slightly bitter over my unsatisfying ending.

It's too bad you're not making sim dates anymore, Bomee. You were fun.

It was fun. It killed some time, but it could be better. It becomes pretty repetitive after a while. I may play it again to try for Cero, but other than that, ehhh... It's probably just a one-time thing. If more things are added to it, it may be more fun.