Reviews for "Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2"


This is a great sequel and hooray for Cero! I love that guy XD The only thing is that it's difficult to do things in just thirty days like in first game but this is still a great game and I love this! Keep up the good work okay!

Frustratingly hard

No offense, but I don't care much for your new dating sims. There's something missing...
Anyway, trying to guess what items they like is extremely annoying - they're even less obvious than they were in the first Kaleidescope. The prices are absolutely ridiculous, and don't get me started on the games. I would hardly even bother with them. I'm sorry, but thirty days just isn't enough time.

On the plus side, the guys are cute, and I like how Cero is a mushroom. XD But other than that, please improve on these things in the update.


This game is gorgeous and it was fun to play! My only problem was trying to figure out what kind of gifts they would like. Item descriptions would be very nice as well.