Reviews for "Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2"

I like the girl sim and all but the only things that I don't like about sim's is that you have to have HP to do anything

I'm so glad to finally see a dating sim for girls where you can date a girl! :D I liked the game! Some of the stories/dialogue was a little corny, but I still tried to take it for what it was and really enjoyed it that way. Thanks for putting it up!

this game is from nummyz too i know this cuz i played the first and the 2 game on nummyz.com that is all.

I really enjoyed this game. It's sweet and fun! I played through it several times to get all the endings!

You know a dating sim's great when you start squealing at the computer in awe because of how cute the guys are. c: Thanks also for showing people that not all dating simulations have to end in sexytimehentai. This is, by far, my favorite dating sim by you.
My only complaint is probably one you've heard--the save button only works once. Other than that, the artwork is beautiful, I've squealed and smiled at my computer more than I should've, and I absolutely love Gage~ :D