Reviews for "Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2"

Really, very sweet. Only played it through with Angel, but enjoyed it quite a bit. I am docking points for not being able to save (that was very annoying) and for repetition on interaction. Wanted to interact with Cero more, but was too worried about not being able to do everything perfectly on the play through, again due to saving issue. Work on that and a more satisfying ending for the next game I'd say. Good job though, I enjoyed it.

I really like this game a lot! The only thing is, I don't know if it's the actual game or my computer, it only let's me save like once or twice and then after some time, the screen goes gray and I have to start over, all that happened, vanishes. :( Is that a bug, or is it just my computer? It's still an amazing game, I love it so much! The characters are so adorable! Nicely done! I admire your work. <3 ^.^


A job well done, enjoyable sim date, and a creative idea.

I always adored this game. ;w; I still do!! <33