Reviews for "Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2"

it's good but i have a few problems. i can't save or go back to the forest. also cero is a mushroom now?! and it's wierd that sofie can date angel.

I didnt like how after turning cero back into a human you couldnt collect mushrooms anymore. i clicked on the go to forest button and the only thing that happened was it took 10 hp from me. T-T

This game had the most compelling dialogue I've ever come across in a dating sim.
I clicked this game out of a vague desire for something like SimGirls - not overly pornographic, but still driven by lust. The calming music and heartfelt interactions featured here were more rewarding by far. It was so nice to have a conversation with the characters, and while I have played the choose-from-three-options-get-it-wrong-try-again system before, the dialogue itself made this game so much better. While achieving a regular ending isn't challenging in the slightest, it was certainly fulfilling. The one complaint I have is the lack of closure. After success, Soffie simply woke up with a little souvenir. Are we to assume they do find eachother? Is the dream world entirely fictional, and she has no Angel to find? (As vaguely implied by the story in the menu?). Maybe the better ending it alludes to will explain, but I feel there should be something more. This is the half star away from the perfect ranking I want to give. Honestly maybe the gameplay is a little simple for even this ranking, but the writing of these characters has won me over completely.

If you're curious as to my path: I first wooed Angel, and after a few dates with her decided to work on Riley. After bringing him to dating level, I changed my mind and got Angel's xp as high as I could, in the realm of 650.

I like it!

how too free cero is when he asks you what do you think will free hin say eat mushroom then it wont hurt then he truns i
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