Reviews for "Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2"

I love this , but I wish the ending was different ;s

I just realized that the talking mushroom from the forest is Cero from kaleidoscope 1. The character you play as.

Great game, although i didnt like being a lesbian... im a dude but... its strange... anyways, dont eat the mushroom.. very bad idea...

It was a good game and I could not wait for the ending I was going to get with Gage. I had 4 days left and had worked extremly hard to get the money and experince needed to win. Then I go into the forest, picking mushrooms and click on Cero, I talk to him and eat the mushroom. Then its game over!!!!! I never got my ending and it really peed me off. What a waste of time!!!!

You should sort that out because that really annoyed me. Thats why I gave my rating.

I got Angel!!!! Great Game.