Reviews for "Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2"

The game was even better than the first one but the ending should be with the soul you picked but its still a great game

Although this game is really difficult to beat in 30 days, without help, it was well animated, well thought out, and enjoying to play. I didn't like the difficulty of getting the guys on here, as in Kaleidoscope 1 it was much simpler, but the rest was superb in coding, animating and story line. Not even the difficulty could raise it down a star. Thanks for making this cute game, I loved it!

Thank you so much LadyZim1286 as well, you really helped me get Gage!

I love this game, but I wish I could leave the dream world with the person, I just end up with a gift

i think this is very cute ^_^ .

I've played almost all of your games, and I love them all. The only problem with this one is the save feature. It never worked for me. All in all its still a great game.