Reviews for "Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2"

Hey Bomee! I've been playing your dating sim games for a while now. The Jenna Moonlight game was the first I played. I have to say this is a crazy improvement from your earlier games! I mean, I still love the classics, but this is incredibly done. The art is fantastic, the dialogue is intriguing (Honestly, I played the first Kal and stopped pretty quickly aftwards. Being able to connect to the characters is really important, so how they respond is key. You fixed it up nicely in this one.), and the story is really, really cool. You should feel really proud of what you've made. Keep making awesome games! I'll always be a fan! :)

first one made this one less enjoyable, but i took in accountant of the game in general and the rating came out in a 3.5

I really enjoyed both of these and the rest of your games

I'm having two major issues with this game, the save button will only work once or twice before ceasing to function. And I get a grey out screened randomly when I press the home button. I've tried playing in Chrome and Firefox and continue to have the same issues. I would really like t know what may be causing the issue so I can eventually finish this game. Other than that the game seems really good.

i liked this game a lot! i found no difficulty in finishing in the thirty days!
for those of you who are still stuck, here's a few tips:

-focus on one person. pick from the start and ONLY TALK TO THEM.

-only work enough to cover the cost of gifts and dates. the best job to make money at is the matching game. it has the highest most reliable payout.

-before going on any dates, finish each persons dialogue to learn their full story.

-each person has five (5) items that they like. give them at least one of each of the five they love. no two people have the same favorite items. each person also has their own favorite drink on dates. the color drink corresponds to the color of their door. the items and drink colors are as follows:

angel (blue)
-shoes with bows
-heart hairpin
-top hat
-head band

riley (pink)
-blue star wristband
-stuffed kitty
-white winged eye-patch
-blue/white gloves
-blue wind catcher

gage (green)
-red/black/white sneakers
-fake mustache
-black/purple face mask (looks a bit like goggles)
-black/red heart wristband
-can of purple spray paint

cero (purple)
-stuffed bunny
-deck of cards
-gold/white/grey gloves
-gold/white/grey belt
-gold/white/grey boots

other than that, if you go on one date and get through the story line with a person you get their ok ending.
if you finish the story line, go on 4 dates, and have at least 1000 exp with one person, you get the best ending. i hope this helps! :)

Loved it!

Ther is just one problem i found with the game; i couldn't figure out how to get anyone's best endings. I don't know how many EXP points you need to have with that person.
Other than that though, muah! Loved it! Especially Cero :D