Reviews for "These Robotic Hearts of Mine"


Now this, this is what a game can be.

Very good.

I love this game!
The storyline is excellent and the puzzles are hard, but not so hard that I want to throw the computer out the window.
10 Stars.

Aw, I likes this game

^_^ this ams a really nice game.
I likes the hearts and figuring out how to make them al upright in the least number of clicks lol.

A true masterpiece

I think this game is one of the best submissions on all of newgrounds. The game was perfect. I loved the 8-bit graphics style, and I loved the story. For me, the most fun part of the game was the story, and it motivated me to keep finishing new puzzles for the next part of the story. A brilliant idea, and a true inspiraton for me.
Thank you! :D

damm its too hard :S

but its a funny game, great job