Reviews for "These Robotic Hearts of Mine"

A great story

Very inspiring. I do love me some melancholy. I liked that you put the level skip button in there, for guys like me who can't play the damn game! Awesome stuff.

DEEP DEEP man very deep

what a fascinating story line. i like how by the middle of the story you turned the many hearts into a picture, to represent the trail, and the factory. But this story in general really makes you rethink your career. and the paths you take.

"take on the thing you love doing and take away a heart close to you, or moderate the two, or become infatuated with love and never find the thing you love doing." at least that's what i got out of it.

great game please continue writing and building games of this magnitude. such games really get you going.

(in fact the story was so overwhelming i just wanted to read to the end to see what it was about... thanks for putting the forward arrow option :3 )


It took me hours but I beat your (Draknek's) high score. That's me with 913 :)

My secret: I wrote an automatic solver in Python that runs through all possible moves, once I tell it the gear configuration (manually entering that took up most of the time). Level 35 was the only one it really couldn't handle.

Great Game

Great game just wonderful but i didn't like the sad ending. I like happy endings :3
Kinda depressing though. This game is a Must play.


It's so sad.......yet so beautiful i like how you incorporated the ending