Reviews for "These Robotic Hearts of Mine"

good game.

This is overall a good game with a better story behind it. It feels good having the story tie into all of your hard work figuring out the puzzles. But if you just want to read the story theres that option too.

The puzzles are a bit too minimalistic in appeal for me. Maybe as you progress change the background a bit each time to add a more dramatic effect if possible.


thanks for making me not a scaredy cat... but soo drama


I have played games like these before but this is the best.i wish i had this story in a book <3


Was referred by Ego... Games pretty hard very challenging and lots of thinking
Gg well done

very cool

didn't have the patience to get further than 13 levels though. Felt like something should change up or needed a bit more at that point to feel like going further.
cool game though, really like the idea of telling the story between the levels like that