Reviews for "These Robotic Hearts of Mine"


great game...

thanks for the great game, i really enjoyed it, it was thought provoking., and a beautiful story, and as i write this... i sadly am that boy....
bu i digress, EPIC ART GAME THANK YOU!!!!!!!

love this game

this game is super hard which is why i suck at it,but why i like it too...

if i can make a suggestion,
balloons game (you know how its spelled)but its called jugs for no copyright,or the name of your choice,with the same concept accept its half puzzle and half adventure.
PM me if you want more ideads,thanks...

keep it up for the game of the year.
you have just showed me that you can do it,.

That's crazy!

Wow, this is one of the hardest but also most creative games I've played in a long time. It makes me realize just how many kinds of games we have here. I don't see a lot under the "Sliding" category. The strongest point here was probably how you had so many things going on with these hearts. Each level was a complex machine built to create something amazing. It kinds of reminds me of that awesome "Hugo" movie.

While not as good as that, it's always nice to play an art game. The sounds are extremely good with how they sync so well. I guess it could have been more detailed, but it certainly didn't need to be. It's stuff like this that makes you realize video games can be done with heart and art. Okay, that was a pretty lame pun.

You Freaking Genius, You.

Dear god man, going through the storyline made me want to rip out my own heart in anguish, sympathy, and disgust.
You must realize that you've accomplished a truly amazing feat here!
You've completely encaptured your audience in not only the gameplay, but the plot as well, and in a short time I might add!
I don't know if this was drawn from personal experience or not.
If it was in some aspect of allusions and similes, then I mourn for you friend.
If it was just drawn up, then you have an extremely rare talent good sir.
Your work astounds me here, and the fact that you used an 8-bit graphics style and FlashPunk also draws you much respect from me.

This is the stuff games should be made of more often.
To tell the truth, it kind of reminds of that horror game Alea, that was featured on the front page a month or so back?

I have no way to express my admiration for this.
Might draw a chuckle or some satisfaction from you, eh?

- Frostbyte

Wondeful Puzzle!

Best one I have played in a while! Very original, and thought provoking. Just what a game like this should be!