Reviews for "These Robotic Hearts of Mine"

Fun, addicting, challenging.

Love the game. The music was spot on with the emotional feel of the game, and the ending was great. Took me a while to get there, though! Awesome job!

simple and amazing

rly cool concept, style, gaming, just awesome puzzle game for late evening. Many levels and one simple rule makes this game absolutely good position on begin of te week. great job Draknek :)

I'm amazed

:) i love art games like this <3


i have to admit, i thought this game would blow until egoraptor pointed it out. i played it and found this very challenging and fun

Awesome work

Awesome work Draknek. It's been awesome to see this game evolving from the first version of it, submitted on the FlashPunk Game Competition until the published mobile version and sponsorised web version. Really good job, an awesome game! :)