Reviews for "These Robotic Hearts of Mine"


Magnificent. The story was quite touching, I would love to see more work like this! With such a gripping story that really makes you feel for the people (even if its only in minor detail). Even if it shoots you down in the end, it was great!

A Little Haunting

Draknek, your game is beautifully minimalistic and deceptively mind-boggling. At least MY mind is being severely boggled right now. I've enjoyed this game in its many phases, and am glad to see it on Newgrounds. And let me take this moment to thank you for your ongoing work with the Flashpunk code. It has been a boon to me from the beginning, but it just keeps getting better!


With the narration, it gives the player a sense of direction of why they are doing this, and or, to get involved with the story, and being left with only a few words to the story, you get this determination to keep going, hoping there's some happy ending to the story after all these puzzles involved hearts.
Truly a depressing puzzle game, but it's a very good attention grabber.


im not one of those people that likes drama and stuff like that but this is a great game although i got stuck at level 22 but highly recommend it

well well well

i thougt that having a story in a game like this was very good made want to play the game even more it urged me to move on to next levels and beating the game was also an accomplishment of mine so great jobhope to see more like this in the future.

P.S. that was a very sad story makes you want to cry ahh dont you just love young love