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Reviews for "Captain Fugly"

The Simple Pleasure of Dashing Through Stages

I think this game does a good job of being a low-stress game. Simple design and tests your fingers' dexterity. Despite some of the more challenging stages, none is so impossible you would rip your face off, then embark on a journey to world destruction.

Come on, doesn't it make you feel good to have completed a game?

Despite my positive view on this game, there are hiccups that I feel have to be addressed.

There's this bug I termed as 'Gravity Bug'. What it does is that at random times, my character would suddenly get so heavy, not only it cannot jump as far as high, double jump disabled, and my character would be dragged to the bottom of the screen by some heavyweight gravity. It really ticks you off in stages that has little platforms, which means most of the later stages.

Then there are times it double jumped despite the jump button being pressed only once.

Despite the occasional urge of pointing middle fingers to the monitor, this game filled roughly about an hour of my life with little grudges.


This game is very awesome and spectacular. You've done a great job but there are problems:
1: There is no story behind it like how did Captain Fugly get in the god knows what place.
2: No Ending.

But that's it. Good job, pat yourself on the back buddy.

Good Platformer With A Bug And A Cough

Overall a good platformer. There are a few things I would consider in the future though. When designing obstacles, try and invent something that has a sliding difficulty scale. Level variation is kind of a problem here as well. If you make every level inside roughly the same box then they start to be repetitive. As a result, I only had to try a handful of levels more than once.

There's a bit of an issue with the programming itself as well. Whatever use to detect the bounds of the main character's legs either doesn't work correctly every time or it is smaller than it appears. This resulted in me pressing jump either too late at first, then too late to compensate. I would play around with this mechanic a little bit more. I would also source out the art and music next time as it leaves a lot to be desired.

Other than that though, I had fun.


this game is very awesome i love the entire game

hell yeah!

Very addictive!!!