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Reviews for "Captain Fugly"


alot of annoying long levels. if you want to make these kind of levels then fix the double jump bug , and ofc dont make em as long...

I'm gonna give it a 5

It seems to be a great game but it just goes into slow motion half way through and I know its not my computer, but I think it will be fixed and this review will become obsolete

Awesome game!

...I am literally shocked at all the negative reviews...

I love this game! It's simple, yet really addictive and easy to play (when I say easy I don't mean easy levels, but easy keys, moves etc).
I really like the levels and so far I am quite intrigued by the new stuff that appear in the game (eg the laser, the one that makes you move in the air etc etc).
I like the graphics, as said before it's simple, yet it's really well-done and addictive.
I also like the music, it is quite suitable to the game and I don't mind the repitition.
I mean it's a game, not an mp3 player. Moreover, if there were more songs then the game would take too much time to load.

So, don't get discouraged by all the negative votes and reviews.
Your game is really awesome and addictive. :D

Uh, I can't play it...?

I don't know if it's some sort of bug, or just my computer being an ass, but absolutely nothing happens when I click 'new game'... The other buttons works fine though.
I use google chrome by the way, if you'd like to know.

Not bad

The game seems cool, but a bit too laggy for my old pc. That's strange, because the game doesn't have massive graphic effects or a lot of motion all togheter. As said earlier, when the game lags, your jumps are giganormous and unpredictable.