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Reviews for "Captain Fugly"

its a good little platformer

but u need a hot key it was annoying pressin the next button only to miss it \and restart a leval but still was cool

in one word: hard

I guess being so hard makes part of the fun. I don't see that many other reasons to play this game. Thats not necessarily bad, the rythm is good, it's ultra challenging, and the fact that there are no check points makes you so pissed off with that last-second-death that you really want to prove the game you can pass the level, and even the next one.
But... nothing more, really. There are medals, but we don't "feel" that we won them, no upgrades or eggs (that I've noticed)...
One could say it's a nice game asking for more.


this is pretty cool.though,i wish there were more vehicles and functions added.maybe you and the guy(i forget his name)who made steampack should join up sometime.great game.


Really frustrating but I loved it ;)
Hope it makes it past judgement!


-NO. Ok, to begin with, I usually like this type of games, and this game has the potential to be good, believe me. And as corny as it may sound, it's not the game, It's the bugs. Holy F[]C:(K legit, the bugs pissed me off as hell. The fact that the game recognizes you tapping on jump once as a second jump is annoying as hell. I the only reason I died was because of the bug. I even waited a good 5 seconds before jumping again and still....
other than that, good game and the levels are that hard :P
I really would love to give you and 8 or a 9 but the bug is just degrading the game that badly.
Other than that I only got 1 comment left. Kindda low quality music :P
Cheers mate :)