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Reviews for "Captain Fugly"

A bit easy

It was well made. The platforming is good but very possible. I dont know if this will make sense but the level design seemed predictable. Not that it was bad but I could almost 'pretend' to be good at this. As if the timing of certain traps were 'too intuitive'.

It was a very easy game and I'm no pro by any stretch of the imagination. But it was fun.

Simple, and cool.

One more thing: I demand soundtrack. Seriously.

dabrorius responds:

Thanks :) Songs are actually just work in progress, but I hope we will be recording a demo soon. However you can download unfinished songs here http://bit.ly/obfunu. Ones that end with -gp are same as in the game.

Good... but jumping is weird

This is a good game, fun for as many levels as I played it. However, jump heights are random which adds frustration. If I jump a few times in the same place, pressing the up key the same amount each time, sometimes the guy jumps high and sometimes he only goes half as high.

dabrorius responds:

You are right, I just somehow never noticed :/
I'll try to fix the bug :)

This game.

This game is Simple, yet, a very hard game.

I never realized this but now that I've played this game, it's possible to turn something so simple, into something very intense and hard.

10 stars

me and my friends stop saying ugly so now we say fugly