Reviews for "Captain Fugly"


-NO. Ok, to begin with, I usually like this type of games, and this game has the potential to be good, believe me. And as corny as it may sound, it's not the game, It's the bugs. Holy F[]C:(K legit, the bugs pissed me off as hell. The fact that the game recognizes you tapping on jump once as a second jump is annoying as hell. I the only reason I died was because of the bug. I even waited a good 5 seconds before jumping again and still....
other than that, good game and the levels are that hard :P
I really would love to give you and 8 or a 9 but the bug is just degrading the game that badly.
Other than that I only got 1 comment left. Kindda low quality music :P
Cheers mate :)

is good

is good game

not bad

I will admit that i only played a few levels. From what i see the game is an enjoyable platformer with decent controls and music... i would suggest adding and extra gimmick or ability to the game to add a new dimension or perhaps enemies to spice up the scenery.