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Reviews for "Captain Fugly"

Good game overall

Gameplay : 6
Unoriginal, but controls were smooth

Soundtrack : 8
A good choice, if slightly repetitive

Graphics : 8
Simple but effective

By the way, am I the only one who has noticed that when you press E, an explosion of meat occurs at a predetermined position on the screen as if some invisible guy had died there?

dabrorius responds:

lol, i totally forgot about that :D It was used for testing :)
btw. I have a new version with few bugfixes but I'm unable to re-upload it for some reason :/


Literally "Nothing Too New Or Interesting"

And the music is horrible.

No idea how this got to the front page

It was fun

Not too hard, not too simple. Just how it is supposed to be. Also I liked the soundtrack much.


game is awesome, i got this weird bug where if the game lags for any reason the guy jumps like 3-4 times higher than normal


i love this game, i recommend to anyone reading this that you use space and wasd as controls :P