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Reviews for "Captain Fugly"

No Rank 5.

Great game, just sucks that no matter how many times I beat level 35 it will not give me my medal.

Good game

The platforming is solid, and the levels are challenging. There was also a lot of variety. The graphics were retro and the sound was good. Only too bad that the Eden Eternal Ad kept playing through. Next time you should try to get rid of those background ads.

dabrorius responds:

Thanks for the bug report, it has been fixed :)

it IS adicting

wors than squid cocain!

i finished your game of doom

I thought this game was great. Three things I found wrong were 1) if I was next to certain blocs and I jumped my jump wouldn't take me over the bloc. I sort of just got stuck. 2) Sometimes I found it lagged a tiny bit and when I was doing one or two levels this was incredibly frustrating. 3) I found that I would complete an incredibly hard level and then find that I could run thought the next. What I'm saying is the levels seem to not quite be in order (the last one could just be me).
Apart from that I found no problems. But I did find a funny little bug (didn't cause a problem though) There was one level were I had to jump into nothing to get to the next level. I missed just a tiny bit. I got the "you died" screen but I could see the "excellent" screen underneath.

But apart from three little problems and one tiny bug I loved this game. I quite like the music. The only thing that would have been nice was if there had been the tiniest story elements. (I don't know what though)

Thumbs up and well done good sir. This game was well worth the slight frustration of dying a few times :D

Easy enough but controls pissed me off.

Some of the levels could be a little bit of a hassle but 75% i beat on my first try. The only thing that ever killed me was that sometimes when you pressed jump it would automatically waste your double jump. This happened to me more times then i could count. You might want to check it out cause it is quite the annoyance. It was decent enough for a simple platformer, but really it left much to be desired.