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Reviews for "Captain Fugly"

Amazing platform game bro :)

I like how, despite being very hard in places, the game manages to make failing feel like it's the players fault. There aren't any "gotchas" out of nowhere, every time you die you could've seen it coming if only you'd stopped and observed for a few moments - the game even offers plentiful safe platforms for you to stop and look at the patterns.

Of course, for the purposes of this review, I'm pretending the last few levels don't exist(half a star off for those).

This game is both classic as awesome!
It adds so much interesting challenges, levels, and all that stuff..!
Wonderfull job!

Hard yet fun game.

Like a big task you have put together lots of skill, lots of detail and lots of energy through-out this flash, And you have put lots of smiles on the viewers especially this reviewer, So props to you on a fun game here. So cute little game here, and i see that you have won anward from this already its pretty good and rewarding on the game, so congrats on the awards. I found this game to be fun and hard, the jumping was the hardest though, maybe you can have some better smoothing or slow motion type of stuff that might aid you in those things. but as you do practice on it you get the hang of it so maybe upgrades dont need it but might be a plus. Now while this is funny in what i say but these kind of games remind me of popping pop corn, because these types keep popping up in the portal, Now thats not a bad thing, But i like that you have changed this from just being normal to something different and unique,

So i found this one to be a well oiled and well engineered project, even with that said there are still some other clean up tips that can be suggested, and they can really help to make this one hell of an engineered project. Some upgrades might make this more easy and somewhat fun. so some slowmotion ideas some other type of rockets.

right now im on level 22